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mrt 2012 28

Bags are our business – they are the focus of everything we do at BREE. But we also look beyond the bags to the people who use and carry them. The brand’s core values are top-quality materials and finishing, functionality, innovation, durability and real value for money. And at the heart of the BREE brand is a belief in design based on an inspired blend of fashion and function.

An Enduring Relationship.
The more personal the objects are with which we surround ourselves, the more highly we value them and the more attached to them we become. Lasting relationships call for durable products, and for BREE durability is closely related to sustainability. Using recyclable materials is important – but creating products that are made to last is even more crucial. And as looks are the factor that’s most susceptible to ageing, our collection includes a strong contingent of classic designs.

Leather Leads the Way.
BREE’s market-leading expertise in natural leather underpins not only the brand’s long tradition but also our ability to innovate and experiment. One striking example here is the development of ultra-fine leather – split to a thickness of just 0.5 mm – and the way we use it in the Simply range. This innovative design takes a familiar form – the ordinary paper carrier bag – and reinvents it, to stunning effect.

It’s Not What You Use, It’s the Way that You Use It.
Alongside leather, BREE has always made use of other materials including synthetics – in our reworking of the traditional German postman’s bag in the Punch range, for example, and our Westerland bags. By creating new material mixes, we trigger discoveries that can yield amazing results.

The Essence of Design.
A good design has nothing arbitrary about it: both functionality and appearance are shaped by the way the product will be used from day to day. All BREE bags are designed to be both practical and attractive. And the outstanding quality of our designs has been confirmed by a whole array of awards – we’re proud to say that no other bagmaker has won so many prizes worldwide. Yet as far as we’re concerned, a happy customer is still the greatest compliment of all.

Attention to Detail.
We’re always on the look-out for new materials and new ways of using them. Yet the traditional bagmaker’s art remains at the heart of everything that we do. Many of BREE’s products are still made by hand, to the very highest standards. Although we do also use the latest technical processes if we can be certain that they will contribute to a top-quality end product.

It’s in the Family.
BREE is a family-owned company based at Isernhagen near Hanover in Germany. We’ve enjoyed decades of success – the result of careful brand development, underpinned by the philosophy of the company’s founder Wolf Peter Bree. His sons Axel and Philipp Bree live out the corporate principles that all our employees have also made their own: BREE, bags for life. Always an idea ahead of the rest.